We The Makers Create is part of the 2020 We The Makers Design Festival – Check it out here


The We The Makers Design Festival celebrates creativity and ingenuity in sustainable and ethical fashion design.  But it’s not just for the professional designers and makers, everyone has a role to play in reducing the impact of our wardrobe.  With small changes you can make a difference.

We The Makers Create is for you to be inspired, learn new skills and start to help reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.


Join skilled artists from Victoria to learn in detail a sustainable fashion technique you can apply at home. Enhance your wardrobe and reduce your impact. Complete these courses at your own pace.

Access to the courses are free thanks to support from the National Wool Museum and the City of Greater Geelong – helping artists and participants during the pandemic.

Courses closing November 30!

Creative Mending

Join Ruth Woods from Craft School Oz to learn a range of creative mending techniques. Discover how to give your clothes longevity and a touch of personality. This course will give you the skills to mend and patch for both functionality and style.


Refashioning a T-Shirt

In this course Designer Showcase finalist, Ana Fernanda Covarrubias, will make you fall in love with your old t-shirts again. Follow her step-by-step guide to learn how to turn a t-shirt into a funky neck-piece. Refashioning is a great way to reduce your fashion waste and diversify your wardrobe.


Electrical Wire Jewellery

Think outside of box and creatively repurpose electrical wire into bespoke jewellery. Learn fundamental jewellery making techniques from artist Vivian Qiu and discover ways to be more creative about jewellery design.


Natural Dyeing

Tamara Leacock, the designer and stylist behind fashion studio REMUSE, brings her skills and creativity to this course that explores natural, ethical and low-impact dyes. Learn techniques to colour your textiles in a sustainable way - using items from your garden to your waste bin.


@ Home

Meet a range of artists, makers and custodians of cultural arts and be inspired to get creative with textiles at home. These videos will introduce you to new skills and ideas that you can try at home.

Find Your Inspo


Even the youngest family members can get creative with textiles and yarn. These StoryCraft videos and resources combine fun craft activities and stories together.



Are you creating? Have you been inspired? Share your work in our public gallery and inspire others to get creative too.

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