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Inspiration @ Home

Meet a range of artists, makers and custodians of cultural arts and be inspired to get creative with textiles at home.

These videos will introduce you to new skills and ideas to start making.

Sustainable Wardrobe with Courtney Holm

Courtney Holm, founder of A.BCH, will get you thinking about your wardrobe and how it can reflect your values. Delve into what’s important to you and be inspired to take simple steps to bring those values into your fashion.

If you like this video, you will love Courtney’s live online workshop – How to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Introduction to Iraqi Embroidery

Local Geelong resident Badriyah Eeso shares an insight into the history and meaning behind Iraqi embroidery techniques.  Be inspired to use embroidery to tell stories or add personality to your textiles.

Learn Karen Weaving

Meet Chrimoo Yohellaymusaw, MuTheinChri Ra and family from Geelong and see them bring the colourful art of traditional Karen weaving to life.  Follow a simple introduction to weaving that you can try at home to make a belt or bag handle

Mask Making

Regional Victorian Artist and maker, Megan Anderson, guides you through the steps to make a simple three-layered face mask with ties.  You can use materials you have at home to make this mask.  Megan uses two layers of cotton fabric and iron-on interfacing. You can see more of Megan’s work on her Instagram.

Important note: this mask design offer basic community protection, it is not medical grade. We encourage you to visit the Department of Health and Human Services website to see the recommendations on making and wearing masks.

Furoshiki with Stella Stellina

Discover how simple it is to turn recycled fabric into beautiful and sustainable fabric wrapping for your gifts.  Lana from Stella Stellina will share tips and tricks for sourcing, preparing and styling furoshiki.

Download wrapping guide

For more information on joining the zero-waste movement please visit the Stella Stellina website.